Current Projects

Breaking new ground with native grasses.

HSF23098 | Project Leader: K Johnson | Amount: $76,300
A project undertaken at the LaTrobe University,  and supervised by Dr Kim Johnson. Soils are essential for life on Earth, supporting and feeding plants, home to billions of micro-organisms and...
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Enzyme engineering for rapid pesticide biosensors.

HSF23069 | Project Leader: S Corrie | Amount: $88,057
A project undertaken at Monash University, and supervised by A/Prof Simon Corrie. 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (“2,4-D”) is one of the most frequently used herbicides worldwide to control weeds in agricultural crops,...
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Apex predator control of the brown food-web.

HSF23045 | Project Leader: M Letnic | Amount: $86,925
A project undertaken at The University of New South Wales, and supervised by Prof Michael Letnic. Food webs can be conceptualized as being powered by energy derived from living and...
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